The Magnum Club

For reasons that remain a mystery to Humanity, the great red wines of Bordeaux develop best in bottles of 1,5 litres – the famous Magnums.

Over the years most real connoisseurs have developed a strong preference for this format since it combines an optimal tasting experience with the great feel and looks of a substantial bottle. Ideal for a dinner with friends but also perfectly suitable for receptions, celebrations or other moments of joy and happiness…..

We at Château Jacques Blanc have now developed a concept that both makes our Magnums available to our many clients at the best possible conditions, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to actually see and feel the way this wine is being made at the Château itself.

The concept is simple : any client that orders 36 Magnums per year or more, automatically becomes a member of the JB Magnum Club for that year. No membership fee, registration or any other obligation whatsoever. Just order 36 bottles and that’s it.

All members will be invited free of charge to the Magnum Days at Château Jacques Blanc, an annual event that will take place in the third weekend of June following to the year of membership. You will receive an invitation by mail and if you want to come, just answer with “Yes”. We will then give you further details. If you do not wish to come, simply don’t answer the mail and we will take you off the visitors list automatically.


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The Magnum Days

During the Magnum Days clients will be welcomed from 15.00h at the Château and around 15.30h a visit to our vineyard will start. You will learn about grape varieties, cultural methods, type of soil, age of the vines etc. Our Chef de Culture, the person that is responsible for all operations in the vineyard, will be guiding you.

After that, you will visit our winery (the chai) where you will learn about the winemaking process in detail and can taste directly from the barrels in which our wine is slowly maturing… This time you will be guided by our Maître de Chai, the person that is responsible for all vinification procedures.

To finish the day in style, you will be invited to a barbeque (wine included) in the Parc à Jacques, the recently renovated park that surrounds the Château.

Again, this whole event is completely free of charge and there are no hidden fees or any other obligations. Just come by, enjoy yourself and meet others that belong to the growing circle of connoisseurs who value finesse, equilibrium and freshness as the key elements of a true Grand Vin !

Yours sincerely,
Petrus Wolter